iNetSim - An accessible network simulation tool
iNetSim is a universally accessible network simulator.  This product was created to allow vision-impaired and sighted users to complete Cisco Certified Network Associate level two (CCNA 2) laboratory sessions.  The current network simulation software used for this course is not accessible; it is entirely based on images.  Screen readers, software used by blind users to operate computers, cannot translate images into text to be read out.  This software is of little use to the vision- impaired.  iNetSim runs on Mac OS X Tiger, an operating system with an integrated screen reader, VoiceOver.
iNetSim was designed using the Model-View-Controller design pattern, to ensure extensibility.  Mac OS X Core Data APIs were used to simplify the model and controller code.  The design of the view to maximised accessibility, taking advantage of the accessibility features in Mac OS X.
iNetSim was developed over three cycles, starting with a design prototype, and moving through to the final product.  The requirements and design of the iNetSim were inspected, followed by implementation and inspection of that implementation.  The final product was verified for accessibility and beta tested by a vision-impaired user.  Both the verification and beta test were successful.